Virginia at the Movies, Part I

In Part II, I discuss Virginia Woolf’s diary (Friday 7 Feb 1941: “We have been to Charlie Chaplin. Like the milk girl we found it boring”), and in Part III her letters (Letter to Vanessa Bell, Mon. 9 Dec. 1918: “Just consider that immortal evening last summer when you summed up the situation over a bottle of wine–the cinema and the submarine” ).

See also, Richard Brody’s recent New Yorker post “Virginia Woolf, Critic.”

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2 Responses to Virginia at the Movies, Part I

  1. Richard P says:

    Thanks for sharing this — I hadn’t read any of Woolf’s autobiographical recollections before. I believe it was Bill Gates who naively proposed that we should wear a device that records every moment of our lives. For an exploration of the idea see Adolfo Bioy Casares’ novel “Morel’s Invention” (it was made into an Italian film in 1974, which I haven’t seen).

  2. Interesting idea–I think Woolf would hate having every moment recorded. She wrote elsewhere about the “cotton wool of daily life,” and what it takes to punch through that to see the pattern that “the whole world is a work of art.”

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