2 Responses to Accidental/At Will

  1. Seema says:

    Great post and love the conceit behind the blog. Your post struck me particularly because I’m just reading a book that has this quote from Pudovkin:
    “To the film director, each shot of the finished film subserves the same purpose as the word to the poet…. Editing is the language of the film director. Just as in living speech, so, one may say, in editing: there is a word – the piece of exposed film, the image; a phrase — the combination of these pieces.” Am still mulling over this versus what Rivette is saying. I see what Rivette is saying here and yet both writing and film seem to me to have the potential for the deliberate as well as the accidental. Perhaps in different measure but I’m not even entirely sure that is the case necessarily.

  2. Kevin Ferguson says:

    Thanks for commenting! Great Pudovkin quote. I always think of how Eisenstein described their conversations–arguing away about whether or not shots were like bricks to build something with. But I bet Barthes would be suspicious of Pudovkin’s idea of “living speech,” which implies that poor old writing is dead.

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