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2012 05 24 11 57 10

Well, we don’t really have a name yet, or a mission statement, or a plan, but we have some typewriters! I’m heartened that at least 2/3 (so far) of the winners of a college-wide student writing contest have elected to take, as their prize, a typewriter rather than an iPod. The winners are coming in to pick up their machines next week, but here are some pics and samples before they’re gone:

2012 05 24 12 24 07

2012 05 24 12 30 39

2012 05 24 12 36 42

2012 05 24 12 39 53

2012 05 24 12 44 54

2012 05 24 13 02 18

2012 05 24 13 09 11

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17 Responses to QC Typewriter Club

  1. Richard P says:

    Very entertaining, and I’ve shared your good news about 2/3 of the students on Welcome to the Typosphere.

    Olivetti seemed to specialize in unnameable colors. They had a huge factory in Barcelona (Hispano-Olivetti).

  2. typebarhead says:

    wise students!

  3. Bill M says:

    Very nice typewriters and smart students. Student or not I’d take a typewriter over an iPod any day. 2 years from now the iPod will be obsolete.

    • We were even offering the fancy iPod touches–but you’re right that now I’m worried if we don’t do something with the iPods soon that they’ll be obsolete!

  4. Mark Petersen says:

    Both of the aqua ones are Olivetti Studio 44s, Olivetti was bought by Underwood in 1959 and some machines have both names and others have just one. The large desktop Royal is a KHM (both this and the Studio 44 were favorites of Tennesse Williams among others) which brings me to my next reason in commenting: below is a link of the most comprehensive list of writers and their typewriters I have found so far. I use it frequently. It even lists my professor Nikki Giovanni.


  5. Ryan Adney says:

    iPods are great and all, but they don’t have springs. Every serious machine needs a spring or two.

    It’s great to see typewriters in education!

  6. Rob Bowker says:

    Get ’em young and you got ’em for life. I’d never thought of it as much of a choice – a typewriter is for life!

  7. Cameron says:

    I am very, very heartened to hear this news.

    Nice blog! (my first visit).

  8. robin says:

    When I stopped into the Gramercy shop to get my new (to me) Remington serviced, Paul told me you had just picked up your machines a couple days earlier. So nice to see them pictured and sampled here–I’d been dying of curiosity! Great group.

    If I were more flush, I would’ve picked up both of his remaining pink numbers, the Royal desk model and the Royal deLuxe portable, in a HEARTBEAT. I want to think pink. Too bad yours is so skippy, but at least it’s pink.

    Meanwhile, I’m re-learning to type more slowly and rhythmically, as my Remington portable is kind of skippy, too. But Paul says that’s my fingers’ fault. Since the whole point is to slow me down anyway, I don’t mind. I’ll share a sample when I’m up to snuff.

    Btw, where does one find appropriate paper? I want the pale blue bond from my college days, but it doesn’t seem to exist any longer.

    • Charlie Wilson says:

      I have a Remington typewriter from the 60’s Im selling here in Sacramento and I was wondering if you or someone you know might be interested in purchasing it ? if so you can email me or call me @ 916 3468821 my name is Charles

  9. We’re going to take the pink Smith-Corona in for a quick repair, so it will be pink AND smooth. And yeah . . . his first suggestion to me was also “it’s your fingers’ fault!”

    Great question about paper–I use whatever I can find, but I have a preference for small pieces. Everything on the new incarnation of the blog is 5″ wide. But a number of very early entries were on recycled New Yorker magazines. I’m sure there is some paper shop in NYC that has exactly what you remember.

  10. OH, how I would like a cursive/script font Olympia (albeit, preferably an SM4).

  11. Yeah, we actually kept the script font Olympia to the side for office use–we knew it would be grabbed up as a contest prize! Hoping to set up a BAROP next semester.

  12. Dan W. says:

    Hi there, I’m a little new to the goings on here, but not to typewriters. Dig the site. I had trouble following the article since there’s no link to QC or what the contest was about. Can anyone catch me up?

    Nice to see classic machines still in use, and I’m heartened to see college students even recognize what they are and want them as a prize.

    Guess I’ll hold onto my script Olympia SM9 and little while longer.

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