Some Typewriters I’ve Watched Recently

Basket Case 1

Basket Case 2
Basket Case, Frank Henenlotter, 1982

Fulltime Killer 1

Fulltime Killer 2

Fulltime Killer 6

Fulltime Killer 8

Fulltime Killer 9
Fulltime Killer, Johnnie To & Wai Ka-Fai, 2001

Blind 2

Blind 3
Blind, Frederick Wiseman, 1986

Juvenile Court
Juvenile Court, Frederick Wiseman, 1973

Meat 1

Meat 2
Meat, Frederick Wiseman, 1976

Welfare 1

Welfare 2

Welfare 3
Welfare, Frederick Wiseman, 1975

Room 237 1

Room 237 2
Room 237, Rodney Ascher, 2012

The Big Heat
The Big Heat, Johnnie To, 1988

They Live
They Live, John Carpenter, 1988

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2 Responses to Some Typewriters I’ve Watched Recently

  1. Richard P says:

    Looks like Fulltime Killer was borrowing from The Shining a bit.

    Is that Kubrick in Room 237? I’d love to be able to add him to my list of writers and their typewriters. Looks like a Tippa S he’s using.

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