About Typecast

This site is about the intersection of film and writing, particularly the question “how can film speak of writing and vice versa?” This site is not about adaptations of literature or novelizations of films. In order to interest me, one medium must explicitly comment on the other; no vague “she writes in such a filmic way” or “this is such a novelistic film.” No false promise of equivalence between two different forms, industries, and arts.

So, you won’t find posts on adaptations of novels, novelizations of films, “translations” of some other medium into film, or any other kind of category that pretends that the cinema is some kind of simple-minded reflecting device. Instead, you’ll find posts that examine how film theory, adaptation theory, writing systems in film, film’s presence in literature, and other similar metaphors can better help us understand the individual media as well as their relationship to each other. When Virginia Woolf dreams for a cinema machine to help her write memory, or when François Truffaut has little Doinel steal a typewriter, both point to the uneasy ways that film and writing discuss each other.

What’s a “typecast”?

Why a typewriter? 1) they still work, 2) they make better writing by making writing slower, 3) they fit the theme of attending to media of communication, 4) they need no reason, 5) they (attempt) to present readers with the trace of a real object.

Genres: I’m organizing posts to this site around a number of “genres,” which is my film/writing metaphor for what blog-speak would call “categories.”

Here are some of the recurring kinds of post genres you will find:

  • One Sentence, One Scene: Explications of one sentence of film theory as applied to a scene from a film.
  • The Writer on Film: Real and fictional authors who are portrayed in films.
  • Watching Quotes: A quotation and a reflection on an author who uses the cinema.
  • Written on the Scrim: Meditations on writing systems and instruments in cinema: typewriters, pens, computers, tattoo guns, and so on.
  • from 3000 Films: Excerpts from my book-length project 3000 Films: part index card poetry, part reviewing diary, part journal of attention.
  • Typecast: everything else that doesn’t fit a mold.

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